Dish Pro Hybrid 42 Switch

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The DPH 42 Switch connects up to four satellite feeds from a DISH Pro (DP) or DISH Pro Plus (DPP) LNBF to Hopper®, Joey®, Wally®, ViP®, and DP receivers. Legacy receivers are not supported. Approved RG-6 cable required. Weather caps, not terminators, must be used for sealing off all unused ports on the switch.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Hopper, Joey, Wally, and ViP receivers, including a combination of two of these receiver types
  • Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico installations; international customers
  • Customers requiring multiple satellite dishes
  • Multiple dwelling unit (MDU) customers
  • RG-6 cable rated between 950–3000 MHz
  • DOES NOT WORK with DISH Pro Hybrid LNBs. A standard DISH Western Arc or Eastern Arc LNB should be used instead

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